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So what if money is scarce, we ourselves can still be elegant.
Note : (Even in dire straits there is no reason to become bitter and direspectful)
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The dog barks (but) the caravan moves on.
Note : (One should go on doing what one thinks is right paying no attention to those who criticize or accuse them)
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Before going in, think of how you will go out.
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Had the customers eyes, the butchers would die from hunger.
Note : (No trade or business is comlpetely honest)
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If you spit skywards, itíll end up on your face.
Note : (About arrogance or disrespect)
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The mullah who has no donkey has peaceful ears,.
Note : (One can have peace and quite only if one has nothing, therefore it's best to put up with some inconveniences for the sake of progress)
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