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"He who rests, will be rusting."
Meaning - "If you stop moving (in both a physical and an intellectual meaning) it gets harder to start moving again."
Note : English proverb: "Use it or lose it." "A rolling stone gathers no moss."
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"If there wasn't the little word if, my father would be a millionaire."
Meaning - "There is no use in thinking about impossible possibilities. Concentrate on reality." (or)
"That is a lame excuse!" (or)
Slight regret of missed chances or opportunities.

Note : English proverb: "If wishes were horses..." (or) "If I had a nickel for every time I heard that, I'd be a millionaire."
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"If you want to fuck, you have to know how to smile."
Meaning - "If you keep this bad mood, you'll never find a girlfriend."
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"Like the ox in front of the barn door".
Meaning - Said when someone sees the way he must go (the obvious solution), yet he's afraid to go it.
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Three Z like to be together: drinker, quarreller, tongue-smith.
Meaning - Drinking leads to arguments and loose talk.
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Hit two flies with one fly swatter.
Meaning - To solve two problems with one sophisticated solution.
Note : English equivalent: Kill two birds with one stone.
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Two idiots, one thought.
Note : English equivalent: Great minds think alike.
Explanation: Usually said referring to oneself and someone else who has had the same idea. Generally considered banter and thus not as offensive as it may sound.
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Two twerps, one fridge.
Meaning - Two people had the same (dumb or obvious) idea at the same time.
Note : Explanation: "Flasche" can mean "bottle" or "twerp" (idiot). Less offensive than "Zwei Kranke, ein Gedanke", but may not be understood as easily even by native speakers.
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